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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Scienze dell'Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione Continua e Scienze Pedagogiche

Teaching evaluation

The Council of the degree course (CdS) analyses on a regular basis the results of the assessment of teaching by students. These results are made public through the website Valmon. The outcomes are discussed beforehand in the context  of the Teaching Committee  of CdS and subsequently in Council. Currently you can see both the general results of the degree course that the specific results of the teachings.

The CdS has consistently supported the importance to make transparent all evaluations. The official data for the 2012/13 put the degree program to a level of satisfaction higher than the average of the other degree courses and in the first places in the University of Florence. From the survey data on the profiles of graduates of AlmaLaurea, for 2012 it shows that the 50% were fully satisfied with the CdS as a whole  and the remaining 50% more satisfied that dissatisfied. The 83.3% said they would enroll again in the same course of studies.

last update: 23-May-2016
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