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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Scienze dell'Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione Continua e Scienze Pedagogiche

Self-assessment activities

The Master degree in Sciences of Adult Education, Lifelong Learning and Pedagogical Sciences is committed for several years in the evaluation of the quality of their courses. The self-assessment is carried out by the Group of self assessment (GAV) officially constituted and appointed within the Council of the degree course. The criterion according to which were selected components of GAV takes account of two addresses in which is divided the Council of studies.

The composition of the group also provides for administrative staff, shared with other Councils, and a representative of the students, as follows:

  • prof. Dario Boys
  • prof. ssa Vanna Boffo
  • prof. Pietro Causarano
  • prof. ssa Giovanna del Gobbo
  • dott.ssa Antonella Garganese (representative of the world of work)
  • dott. Stefano Gambacurta (amministrative staff)
  • Lorenzo Donati (studentsrepresentative)


in January 2014 The GAV was amended in its composition with the replacement of some members to promote the involvement of the various components of the Council and, especially, has provided for the inclusion of a representative of the world of work.

The President of the GAV coordinates the monitoring and evaluation activities of CdS (council of the degree course) and returns the results in the framework of the Teaching Committee (CD) and in CdS, subjecting to discussion and approval because of competence


For some information, the GAV is based on data from various offices (President, educational facilities, polo, etc.) as well as information provided by SIAF (IT Services) and the Office of Statistical Services of the University. The GAV carries an annual assessment of the course and program improvement actions through the Review Report. 
last update: 23-May-2016
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