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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Scienze dell'Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione Continua e Scienze Pedagogiche
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Quality assurance and certification

Since its establishment the Master of Science in Education of Adults Interclass Sciences, Lifelong Learning and Pedagogical Sciences is on quality: first according to the University of Florence model for internal accreditation in quality, and from 2012/13 according to AVA-ANVUR model.

The attention to the vocational dimension and innovation represent the principles of cross-Quality overall approach to the base of the Master of Science.


These principles have concreteness in specific points of attention:

-       constant contact with stakeholders of regional, national and international level;

-       development of a teaching program relevance with respect to the professional profiles provided in output;

-       constant relationship between theories, methodologies and application contexts and transfer;

-       complementarity of the content of teaching courses and coherence with educational goals of the Degree Course;

-       articulation of the College faculty in terms of interdisciplinarity and the world of work representation;

-       Constant monitoring with respect to the continuity and regularity in the performance of teaching courses.


These are key elements that are rooted in the consideration that the success of the investment in training in adulthood, faced by public policies and private, by the State and the companies depends on the quality of the courses and this - first of all - the professionalism of trainers

The university can make a contribution in this direction provided that offers programs relevant to the need for improvement of the public and private system of human resources training and citizens in general. For this we need a close and constant dialogue with the main stakeholders, in a context of attention to the placement and the overall employability of graduates.

last update: 24-May-2016
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