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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Scienze dell'Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione Continua e Scienze Pedagogiche
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Post-graduate University courses

Second-cycle degree/Two- year master’s

To enrol on a master's degree, candidates must have the following: a three-year university degree or diploma or academic qualification from abroad which is recognized as compatible and equivalent. In addition, they must have the specific curricular requisites and pass a personal knowledge test, as defined in the academic regulations for the master's degree courses, which also indicate the specific access criteria.

Career guidance services and job placement

The career guidance and job placement (OJP) service promotes, supports, combines with and adds to the guidance services provided in individual schools.

The OJP service provides students and graduates with information and training so they can build their professional identity and plan their career.

It is a database of administrative documents regarding all the graduates of the universities in the Almalaurea association. The aim is to facilitate young people's access to employment, help businesses with recruitment, and minimize the time taken for the demand and supply of skilled labour to meet.


It is a postgraduate specialist vocational degree, following the achievement of a first-cycle degree (Laurea - L ) (Master’s Level 1) and second-cycle degree (Laurea Magistrale)  (Master’s Level 2).

Postgraduates’ office

The postgraduates’ office is responsible for all administrative procedures relating to the career of students enrolled on the postgraduate courses.

Advanced Training Courses

Advanced training courses are an academic course providing in-depth knowledge and updating students on a specific subject.

Active  Internship Training (TFA)

According to Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR) decree 249/2010, as amended (see TFA/CINECA), TFA is the path to follow to qualify to teach in secondary schools after the master's degree. As per MIUR decree 22/2005, Annex A, to qualify for class A036 (philosophy, psychology and educational sciences), you only can access the TFA if you have acquired at least 96 credits in teaching methods, psychology, sociology and philosophy,  in previous studies (details on the Ministry of Education website). The LM57 and LM85 master’s degree classes enable access to the TFA A036 class if the above minimum requirements are possessed.

Active Internship Training (TFA) is a university training course to qualify for the profession of teaching in middle and secondary schools; it is set up by universities according to Ministerial Decree 249/2010 (link), it lasts one year and, after a final exam, provides the qualification to teach. The ways of obtaining the licence to teach in middle and secondary school are defined by Presidential Decree no. 19 dated 14 February 2016 (link to external website).
last update: 24-May-2016
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