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Corso di Laurea Magistrale Scienze dell'Educazione degli Adulti, della Formazione Continua e Scienze Pedagogiche

Final examination

General information

To be admitted to the final examination, students must have obtained all the learning credits laid down in their teaching regulations for activities other than the final examination, and must have regularly paid all their tuition fees.


Final examination

As per Rules Art. 12: "final dissertation is related to a commitment of 12 credits and requires the drafting and oral discussion of an agreement with the teachers of the course on a topic or topics prepared by the Degree Programme Board. the argument for the dissertation is agreed with a teacher of the educational structure.

Each student will prepare a report, under the guidance of the teacher who assigned the topic).

On a form countersigned by the supervising professor, the student shall communicate the thesis assigned to the administrative office of the teaching structure The supervisor might complete the form by specifying  a correlator (second advisor)  who will assist in following the development and drafting of the candidate  dissertation. "

“three copies of a thesis must be handed to the Secretary of the educational structure that provides to stamp and issue a receipt.

Three copies of a thesis should be printed on both sides of the page and bound with flexible covers. In agreement with the supervisor, it is permitted the elaborate presentation with multimedia techniques that accompany the written text.

On educational structure authorization, the final dissertation can be written in a language other than Italian as long as the presentation during the discussion happen anyway in Italian language.

the assignment of the CFU and the attribution of voting belong to the committee.

 the vote is cast one hundred and ten, and when the candidate reaches the highest grade, it can be attributed MAGNA CUM LAUDE. The exam is successfully passed with a minimum grade of 66/110. (sixty-six/one hundred tenths)”.


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